Inta Lizinski


Rules and Regulations

  • All entries MUST be in place by 10:00 a.m. Friday
  • All exhibits MUST remain in place until 4:00 p.m. Sunday
  • Prizes are sponsored by Stirling & District Horticultural Society
  • Only one entry per exhibitor is allowed in each section
  • Any exhibit, even though it is the only entry in its class, will be awarded a prize only if it possesses sufficient merit.
  • All exhibitors are advised to send flowers and plants in plain receptacles.  The Society will not be responsible for jardinieres broken or lost.  Attach entry tags to articles (elastics, pins, etc.)

The Elsie Armstrong Memorial Award: will be awarded to the “Best Arrangement” in Class 108B (Judge’s Decision)

The Doug Brasier Dahlia Special Awards: will be presented to the winners of Class 108A Section 16. Prizes: 1st $10.00, 2nd $6.00, 3rd $4.00



  1. All cut flowers must be in suitable containers.
  2. All flowers must be shown with own foliage.
  3. Flowers and foliage must be grown by the exhibitors
  4. Potted Plants must have been in the exhibitor’s possession for at least 3 months prior to showing

Prizes: 1st $3.00, 2nd $2.50, 3rd $2.00, 4th $1.50

  • Three stems Petunia, same variety
  • Three stems Cosmos, same variety
  • Three stalks Celosia, same variety
  • Three stems Snapdragons, same variety
  • Three blooms Zinnia, same variety over 3”
  • Three blooms Zinnia, same variety under 3”
  • Three blooms Marigold, same variety, over 3”
  • Three blooms Marigold, same variety under 3”
  • Three stems Rudbeckia, same variety
  • Three stems Coneflower (Echinacea), same variety
  • Three stems Lavatera, same variety
  • Three stems Salvia, same variety any colour
  • Bouquet of Nasturtiums, same variety
  • One flowering branch, named
  • One bloom Dahlia, any variety
  • One stem/spray Rose(s)
  • One bloom, Begonia with own foliage, in a low dish.
  • One stem/spray Clematis
  • One spike Gladiolus, any colour
  • One stem/spray Sunflowers, grown for beauty
  • One stem any Annual not listed, named
  • One stem any Perennial, not listed, named
  • One Coleus plant in suitable container
  • One Cactus or other Succulent, named
  • One Houseplant grown for bloom, named
  • One Houseplant grown for foliage, named

Patio Planter, sitting or hanging type.