Award offered to Agricultural Students

To be given away at the Stirling Fair, Friday Aug 12th, 2022

Time: approx. 6:00pm (during opening ceremonies)

Amount of Bursary will be determined by proceeds from a auction and sponsors.

All proceeds from the sale of the donated animal will go to two (2) student who meets all of following conditions:

1) Student must live in one of following counties: Hastings County, Northlumberland County, Prince Edward County, Peterborough County and/or Lennox and Addington County

2) Student must be accepted and enrolled in a post-secondary school, taking a Direct Agricultural Program.

3) Student will have to show proof of enrollment for post-secondary schooling.  

4) Application to enter must be received no later than August 14, 2020

5) Winning applicant may be the recipient of this bursary only once.         

To enter send one(1) page letter, stating the following:         

1) Name

2) Full address including county

3) Phone Number

4) Post-secondary Education course and School

5) Aspiration with post-secondary education

6) Attach Proof of enrollment from your University or College

Winner will be chosen by a random public draw after the auction on the Main Stage of the Fairgrounds and will have to be present to receive the money. The winning student will have 3 minutes to get to the stage to receive the bursary money. If the student is not present, another name will be drawn with another 3 minutes timeframe to get to the stage. This procedure will continue until there is a winner.

Applications can be mailed to:

Stirling Agricultural Society Inc.

P.O. 665, Stirling ON K0K 3E0

Attention Roxanne Hearns. 

For more information, call after 4:30 pm to 613-921-6936 or e-mail